Should I Redesign My Logo?

I’m sure you probably heard that saying “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” but sometimes a company’s logo deserves a facelift. Even some of the most successful companies in the world have completely redesigned their logos, which can help or hurt a company. In the long run, redesigning your logo is a great way to revamp, rejuvenate, and refresh your company or product.

Reasons to Consider Redesigning Your Logo

Provides an Identify

A logo can often define or destroy a brand, whether, you’re a company, product, or person, it’s critical that your logo tells the right story. Sometimes, you need to update your logo to provide a fresher look. From McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nikes, a logo has the ability to withstand the tests of time, which often becomes more recognizable than the brand itself.

Separates You from Your Competition

A logo provides your brand with an identity, which is imprinted on products, business cards, and used to communicate ownership. It can be used to bring in new clientele and introduce your brand to a wider audience. It can also be used to distinguish you from your competition. For example, I’m sure everyone who sees two giant golden arches, which resemble the letter “M” will automatically associate it with McDonald’s. A well-designed logo will not only reflect who you are but also will distinguish you from everyone else.


A new logo can be used to represent a company’s evolution or signify change. Companies often grow and evolve over time, while they introduce new services and products, an updated logo can help signify these changes, which may render the original logo obsolete. A new logo can help introduce your company or product to a newer audience and reach a different demographic.

Original Logo is Outdated or Poorly Designed

Even if you’re a company that has been in existence for 30 years, it still isn’t a bad idea to consider redesigning your logo. Look at it as applying a new coat of paint, sometimes something as simple as changing the color of a car can drastically increase its value. Updating your logo allows you to incorporate new design elements; The last thing you want is an outdated logo that looks like it was created in the 1940s.


Your company or brand is only as strong as its logo, which is why you should consider redesigning your logo. You want your logo to be not only engaging, but also informative, which should be able to communicate with customers and possess the ability to help sum up your business. It creates a great first impression and increases brand loyalty.